La-Grande-forêt-D-AnlierA rich and varied nature

While exploring the forest of Anlier, take the time to feel, to listen and to look around you. The area hosts many natural wonders for you to discover.

With over 7,000 hectares of compact forest, the Anlier forest is the largest beech forest in Belgium. Therefore, it is a natural refuge for many plants and animal species which find there a diversity of cover and food.

It is also home to large mammals including the deer, wild boar and roe deer. Among the small mammals: the fox, marten, squirrel or wild cat are also present in numbers. Numerous species of birds are also present, including ravens and the rare black stork, who found in the forest of Anlier a suitable site for nesting.

If the fauna is impressive, the flora can also prove attractive, as it is full of varied species. Purple Foxglove, Lily of the Valley, White luzula, sweet Woodruff, Fireweed, Blueberry or Honeysuckle are examples of characteristic plants of the Anlier forest. in wetter areas, Sphagnum and Wild orchids as the orchis broadleaf still complete this panel of colours and scents.