La-Grande-forêt-D-AnlierLoop hikes and walks

1. Beautiful and moving valley

Heinstert - 8 km - 2hrs 30min

Enjoy a delightful and diversified stroll crossing one of the most beautiful valleys of the Anlier forest.

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Belle et émouvante vallée

2.Strolling between the forest and the grassland

Fauvillers - 12 km - 3 hrs 20mins

Located in a natural hilly setting, Fauvillers offers a trip punctuated by stunning panoramas.

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Flânerie entre bois et vallées

3. Serenity in Heinstert

Heinstert - 14 km - 4 hrs

Free your mind with this soothing walk along the water. A favourite stroll, among woods and valleys.

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Sérénité à Heinstert

4. In the privacy of a forest

Habay-la-neuve - 15 km - 4hrs 20mins

Between the Ardennes and Gaume, enjoy this tranquil hike between beeches, castles and rivers.

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Dans l'intimité d'une forêt

5. The treasure of the Misbour

Fauvillers - 16 km - 4hrs 40mins

The Anlier forest is certainly among the most spellbinding landscapes of Belgium. A favourite walk.

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Trésor Misbour

6. Escape in the forest of Neufchâteau

Marbehan - 17km - 5 hrs

Welcome to this amazing forest, little-known of hikers and promising a stroll out of time. Guaranteed to disconnect you from your busy life!!

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Evasion forêt Neufchâteau


7. In the Kingdom of the black stork
Martelange - 21 km - 6 hrs

A long distance hike that passes through a variety of forest landscapes. Possible shortcuts.

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Royaume cigogne noire



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