La-Grande-forêt-D-AnlierLong distance trails


GR 151 - Mirador, vallée de la Rulles

GR 151 - Tour of Belgian luxembourg
240 km

This GR crosses a large part of Belgian luxembourg and goes deep in the heart of the Anlier forest. The section between Martelange and Marbehan, following the Rulles, concentrates on the most beautiful landscapes of this ancestral forest.
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GR 15 - Vallée de la Sûre, Bodange

Le GR 15 - from Montjoie to Arlon
220 km

From to Germany to Arlon, you will start crossing the Hautes Fagnes until Eupen. You will then head South in the Ardennes massif and pass through Bastogne. In Martelange, you will walk along the forest of Anlier and enter in Gaume to finish your journey at the source of the Semois. Connection with the GR 151 and GR 16.


GR 16 Semois - Chassepierre

Le GR 16 - Trail of the semois
202 km

GR 16 is certainly one of most impressive routes that a hiker can take in Belgium. Going from Arlon to Monthermé (France), it follows the course of the Semois, from typical villages to stunning views.


Gaume Buissonnière - Maison en pierre de Gaume

Gaume buissonniere
206 km

This trail crosses the Gaume and its rural and forest paths. You will discover its history and its inhabitants. Depending on your form, you can cover this loop in sections of 20 to 50 km.


Sentier Ardenne-Eifel - Fagne à Saint-Hubert

The Ardennes-Eifel Rhine-Meuse trail
200 km

This cross-border trail passes through 4 countries: Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium and France. With a length of 200 km, it crosses the extensive Ardennes forests and can be explored on foot or on a mountain bike (on foot, count 9 days of hiking).