La-Grande-forêt-D-AnlierA tourist destination of choice

The great forest of Anlier is the ideal destination for relaxing, either for a weekend or for a longer holiday. 4 good reasons to go south towards the Belgian Ardennes.

1. Easy access.

By plane, train, bus or car, the forest of Anlier is at your door. Incredible experiences at a 1 hour drive from Brussels!

2. Absolute calm.

With over 7,000 hectares of compact forest, the forest of Anlier will offer you a quiet stay, away from the urban stress.

3. Omnipresent nature.

You are at the heart of a natural park. Grasslands, forests, rivers, hills and valleys... All offering a fantastic choice for your nature walks.

4. Tasty products.

In addition to the famous Ardennes dry meats, a multitude of local specialities await: game in season, pâté gaumais, craft beers, or a palette of various cheeses.