La-Grande-forêt-D-AnlierA mosaic of landscapes

From the Ardennes plateau to the charm of the Belgian Lorraine, travelling in the great forest of Anlier brings a constant feeling of wonder. A successful alchemy between the pleasure of the eyes and the authenticity of the location...

Playing with the diversity of geological substrate, the great forest of Anlier offers a mosaic of woodlands, inhabited or cultivated landscapes. Green, yellow and ochre lands alternate with towns and villages.

To the North, the Bastogne agricultural plateau contrasts with the Valley of the Sûre in the centre, and the gentle curves of Lorraine to the South. Traditional architecture unveils the shale of the Ardennes and the sandy limestone on the Lorraine side. The climate can be rough in Bastogne as it is mild in Arlon.

A contrasting land where the presence of the Black Stork, the emblem of the Anlier forest, testifies of a great natural wealth.